Connecting the Dots

Starting to comprehend the consequences of using CBD within the human body, the mounting evidence and larger research studies show a growing number of pet owners also connecting the dots and perceiving the wisdom of treating their pets with exactly the same (potential) medication.
What affects does CBD have on animals? Can CBD provide the same relief to Pets and other mammals as it does for humans? And is it safe?
Although there still a lot of questions and not enough research has been performed yet, the available evidence regarding CBC and pets shows us that benefits do abound. If you start reading the anecdotal evidence, story after story of pets that have been helped, it’s pretty clear that there a lot of benefits to using CBC for your pets pain relief, health and well being.
Of course medical marijuana is still illegal to prescribe, even for parrots in most of the United States. Many vets are still opposed to the idea of using cannabis based CBC as an alternative medicine for pets. However we just have to blame the lack of information and bad press given to cannabis in general over the past 75 years. But it seems, the times are definitely changing.

Common Receptors

The truth is, the same cannabinoid receptors that exist with in humans brains also exist within all mammals and are even suspected to exist in reptiles and fish. Research has revealed in canines that they can metabolize cannabinoids but do so differently than humans. Cannabinoids do bind to the receptors found in dogs and have been found to promote relief from effects of aging and, anecdotally, have also helped them quickly recover from strokes. The beneficial and therapeutic effects in dogs are real and long lasting, as witnessed by this writer.
There are no harmful buildup of toxins and once the CBD is completely processed they are safely digested and passed through the digestive tract.


Bear in mind we are not talking about treating animals with psychoactive THC. We are strictly talking about Cannabinoids with their associated phytochemicals and terpenes. The growing community of pet owners are reporting that treating their aging and ailing parents with CBD has produced very positive results and outcomes.
The list of ailments that people are treating their pets with include, pain and inflammation, seizures, cancer and it’s associated problems, skin problems, digestive issues, and even anxiety. CBD, as in humans, seems to have a calming, stabilizing effect on beasts as well.
Regarding palliative care, pet owners have noticed their aging pets to be more energetic and less achy where they previously displayed worsening conditions in joint aches and pains.
If you decide to begin a CBD treatment with your animal, always start gradually and in very small doses. Normally it is recommended to put 1 to 2 drops per 10 pounds of critter into their food once a day. Results should be noticed within a few days to a week. Always consult your veterinarian prior to starting any new medication for your pet.