Some Facts, Truths and a Disclaimer

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Over the past three years, the FDA has issued many warning letters to firms that market non-FDA approved newly emerging, potentially beneficial medications like CBD that claim to include cannabidiol in the formula. As a lead-in of these actions, the FDA has thoroughly tested the chemical contents of cannabinoid compounds in some of the formulas these companies peddled only to discover that a large percentage of these products were found to not consist of the levels of CBD they declared to contain on the labeling. In truth and published online, a number of the items sold contained no discernible amount of cannabidiol whatsoever. It is important to keep in mind that these potential cures are not approved by FDA for the medical diagnosis, remedy, reduction, therapy, or avoidance of any illness. Customers ought to be careful when getting or employing any such products.

There are a small number reputable CBD oil suppliers, that do adhere to rigorous, independent testing of every product they create and supply, that provide written and signed analysis reports with every product sold. The products offered herein and on these pages conform to this standard.

FDA Warning Letters & Test Results 2015-2017

Meanwhile the WHO has Declared that CBD Cannabidiol Has Amazing Healing Potential and Should not be Scheduled

How crazy is it that in the US, all cannabis, both Marijuana and Hemp are lumped together as a Schedule 1 drug? Marijuana contains approx 40% THC, but Hemp less than 1%. Although we can be grateful for the watchdog efforts of the FDA to keep CBD vendors honest, it’s truly time to help your representatives in congress understand that Hemp, from which most Cannabidiol/CBD is derived, must be taken off the Schedule 1 list. The following excerpt from a recent article shows how the WHO has finally reached this conclusion. Hopefully the US Federal Government lawmakers won’t be far behind.

WHO Says CBD Safe, With No Potential For Abuse

A division of the World Health Organization declared CBD oil to be safe, with many potential benefits, and recommended that it should remain fully legal.

The recommendations came in a report from the Expert Committee on Drug Dependence (ECDD), which advises the global body on how to handle various substances that could be addictive or otherwise harmful.

The authors were unambiguous about their assessment: “In humans, CBD exhibits no effects indicative of any abuse or dependence potential.”

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Source: World Health Organization Says CBD Safe, With No Potential For Abuse