The Amazing Variety of Uses for the Lowly Hemp Plant

Even though this site is by definition, all about CBD/Cannabidiol, I am fascinated by the variety of uses the oils, seeds, stalks, and pulp of the hemp plant can be put to. From textiles to make fabric, clothing and rope to industrial uses like fiberglass and solar panels, as well as building materials all with amazing properties and uses. The plant produces seeds and oils that are healthy for human consumption on a cellular level as well as nutritionally. The plant itself is a cannabinoid factory that also happens to be drout and bug resistant. The plant pulls toxins out of the soil and leaves nutrients in- ideal for crop rotation. Hemp is an ideal source of fuel and enery as well.


These videos are a sampling of some of the uses the cannabis hemp plant can be put to apart from our main theme of Hemp CBD oil.

A Vast Hemp Marketplace

Benefits of Farming Hemp


WW2 Hemp Film


Building With Hemp Prt 1

Processing Hemp

Hemp Superfood

Building With Hemp Prt 2

Hemp Replacing Soy as Superfood

Hemp & the Automotive Industry