The medical establishment has been administering opioids for years and it’s becoming a big issue in lieu of teen drug abuse. Enter CBD/Cannabidol. Cannabidiol is showing more promise of success to stop this epidemic than other medical opninions.

Teens Increasingly Diagnosed With Opioid Abuse In EDs

This Medical News article discusses trends in opioid misuse and dependence in adolescents and young adults.

Source: Youth Increasingly Diagnosed With Opioid Misuse In EDs

Leading Hemp News Of 2017: United States Approaching Hemp Legalization Regardless Of Some Setbacks

A big meeting at the WHO created some buzz in the pro Medical Cannabis community when it was announced that CBD should be legal and available to all people and is deemed safe and virtually impossible to OD on. Meanwhile, back in the US, our Attorney General says not only Marijuana but Hemp related products like CBD are still illegal. WHAT?

Source: Top Hemp News Of 2017: US Moving Toward Hemp Legalization Despite Some Setbacks

What you Didn’t know About Hemp is Going to Astound You- 8 Hitherto Unknown Hemp Facts

You can file this report under Amazing Stories: How did Hemp help us defeat the Nazis and Japan in WW2? Can hemp products replace plastic? How can hemp be used to make better, healthier buildings? The incredible protein engine inside hemp seeds. Why is Hemp cannabis but won’t ever get you high? Can growing hemp reverse climate change? Can deforestation be halted by increasing hemp production? What material is healthy to  eat, makes incredibly soft yet durable fabrics, paper & rope, is stronger than fiberglass, grows fast, who’s essential oil is a natural healing and health balm and medicine, and may just heal the planet?  I think you can guess…

Source: Here’s 8 Things You Didn’t Know About Industrial Hemp

What Did George Washington Find When He Toured the Hemp Mills of Pennsylvania?

George Washington, our country’s very first head of state and the hero of the Revolutionary war was a hemp farmer. By now, basically everyone recognizes that Washington expanded hemp on his plantation at Mt. Vernon in Virginia. Much is construed from his well-known quote, “Make the most of the hemp seed. Sow it everywhere!” Additionally popular is his journal entry explaining that he was dividing the male hemp plants from the females…

Source: When George Washington Visited the Hemp Mills of Pennsylvania


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