Will CBD oil relieve your arthritis joint pain and stiffness within 7 days time without the need for Drugs?

Why are so many people claiming they are joint pain free now after starting to use CBD oil on a regular basis? Can you too, live joint-pain free without the use of over the counter or prescription drugs?

This transformation is truly amazing in Leslea Kent’s story in the above video.

A Smattering of Case Studies

Back in 2011, a study found that CBD helped to reduce inflammatory pain in rats by affecting the way pain receptors respond to stimuli. A 2014 testimonial noted that in animal studies to date, CBD had revealed assurance as an efficient therapy for OA (osteoarthritis). A 2016 research study discovered that the topical application of CBD had the prospect to eliminate discomfort and swelling related to joint inflammation. A 2017 study found that CBD might be a safe and useful treatment for OA joint pain.

Many people out there would like some relief from their arthritis and I should point out that in the summer of 2015 the Canadian arthritis society funded a three-year research grant to a Dalhousie University researcher to determine if marijuana can relieve pain or repair arthritic joint pain.  Pain detecting nerves are covered with cannabinoid receptors and according to researcher Jason MacDougall, cannabinoids control the firing of pain signals from the joint to the brain by sticking themselves to nerve receptors. In another controlled study conducted by the Royal National Hospital for rheumatic diseases in the UK, it was revealed that cannabinoids provide statistically significant improvements in pain, on movement pain, stiffness related pain, and at rest and the quality of sleep.

How to Use CBD for Arthritis and Joint Pain

Use CBD oil sublingually for 10 seconds. With head back and mouth open, just lift up your tongue and squeeze the dropper to release the oil under there. Close your mouth and lean forward. You will get the hang of it. If you are not super impatient, you will do this for 30 seconds. Digestion begins in the mouth.  Honestly, the oil takes a bit of time for most people. We now know of 50+ people that have reported consistent use of CBD oil took them 1-3 weeks to see a difference. It is more subtle than taking an over the counter or prescription drug. That is why some also recommend the addition of applying an external CBD cream that can work more immediately. By using the oil, the Inflammation slowly diminishes over time until one day you realize, “holy ____ I don’t feel as stiff.” This is really the opposite of the “just take a pill” approach. If you just try it for a month and you will really have a better understanding of what CBD can offer you. The CBD on offer here and  in the link below can be tried completely risk free for 90 days and is returnable for a purchase price refund if you don’t think it works for you.


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